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Early Scoring

Horror Hotel 2019 Submissions Now Open!

How to submit for The 2019 Horror Hotel:

1) Download trailer by clicking HERE - Open video link and right-click for the "Save As" option.
2) Score entire trailer / Download registration form:  Scoring Form
3) Send an unlisted YouTube or Vimeo link to, with score & trailer combined, no later than December 31st, 2018 for early registration or April 1st, 2019 for final submission deadline. Include registration form. Include PayPal receipt and registration form.

To pay by PayPal, use the payment link found above on this page.

*Combined discount rate: Submit to both Horror Hotel and The Indie Gathering and save $5 on each entry*
*The final deadline is APRIL 1, 2019 for HORROR HOTEL and JUNE 1, 2019 for THE INDIE GATHERING.*

All submissions include a VIP event pass
You do not have to be present at the festival, although special awards are given to winners who attend! Non-attending winners will receive an e-mailed award certificate after the festival.

Winners will be networked with the film business for one year. We also send winners job leads as often as possible.


1) Submitting early ensures a review process that will let you know if you need to resubmit your clip. Resubmissions will not incur a separate registration fee. Files must be mailed on DVD or sent as a private link via e-mail submission to
2) Entries are to be completed by ONE composer. We no longer accept team submissions.
3) Every composer can only submit one score for consideration.
4) Score material must be original and submitter must own all rights to the piece of music.
Composer bears responsibility for any liabilities arising from copyright infringement.
5) Competitors are not to contact the filmmaker or production company responsible for the competition trailer while submissions are open.
6) Winners will be announced before the festival, and awards are presented at The Horror Hotel award ceremony.
7) This event is open to the public.
8) Any entries that are found to violate copyrights, contain offensive material, and/or do not abide to the timing rules and other guidelines will be disqualified from the competition.
9) Judging will be blind in all categories.
10) All composers are invited to participate regardless of musical background. International participation is also encouraged.
11) Once submitted, there are no refunds; however, a composer may still withdraw his/her
composition from the competition.
12) Entering the competition does not guarantee you any award or placement. Only entries that reach a specific score in judging qualify for an award.

Horror Hotel 2018 Best Score: Landon Knoblock


1. Landon Knoblock (USA – New York)
2. Markus Martincic (Japan)
3. Jarryd Elias (USA – California)
4. Alexander John McMillan (USA – Pennsylvania)
5. Tathevik Hayrapetyan (Armenia)
6. Clinton Clark (USA - Minnesota)
7. Christian Mayrhofer (Austria)
8. Marco Rosetti (Italy)
9. Luiz Vincenzi (Brazil)
10. Ondrej Timpl (Czech Republic)

Aisyah Zulkarnain (Brunei)
Alessandro Melis (Italy)
Bellavia Alberto (Italy)
Carlos Nunez (Spain)
Dan Castellani (USA – New York)
Danny Halfacre (USA – Washington)
Dave Larsen (USA – California)
Fernando Oretega Rojo (Spain)
Francesco Cara (Italy)
Giuseppe Vigliotti (Italy)
Guido Arcella Diez (Mexico)
John Greska (USA - Illinois)
Justin Mabry (USA – North Carolina)
Marina Ortega Mira (Spain)
Michael Wedenig (Austria)
Philippe Ferec (France)
Ricardo H de S Raymundo (Germany)
Ryan Bodilly (Australia)
Sophian Alkurdi (France)
Steve Gomez (USA – Texas)

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