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Horror Hotel 2016 Award Winners

Best Awards
Best Music Video: "Shades of the Unseen"
Best Micro Film: "In the Ruins"
Best Series: "Tales from the Toilet"
Best Short Film: "The Smiling Man"
Best Feature Film: "III"
Best Short Script: "Born Again" by Jason Tostevin
Best Feature Script: "Monsters Under the Bed" by Samuel Dabbs & Robert J. Harbour
Best Cinematography: Igor Kiselev, "III"
Best Director: Pavel Khvaleev, "III"
Best Lead Actor: Holt Boggs, "Entity"
Best Lead Actress: Connie Saltzman, "HoneyBee"
Best Supporting Actor: Duane Nakia Cooper, "Seclusion"
Best Supporting Actress: Amy Davidson, "Tales from the Toilet"
Best Ohio Cinematography: Mike McNeese, "A Way Out"
Best Ohio Director: Jason Tostevin, "A Way Out"
Best Ohio Actor: Wally Dempsey, "X-Position"
Best Ohio Actress: Deanna Sherman, "The Clearing"
Best Ohio Film: "A Way Out"
Best Overall Film: "III"
Best Overall Script: "Monsters Under the Bed" by Samuel Dabbs & Robert J. Harbour
Viewer's Choice Award: "Holy Hell"

Film Scoring
Top Ten

1. Preetkiran Dhoot (UK)
2. Enguang Zhao (California)
3. Or Alexandrov (Israel)
4. Nicola Jane Buttigieg (UK)
5. Michael Beam (Maine)
6. Alioune Kone (France)
7. Landon Knoblock (New York)
8. Brian McDonald (Minnesota)
9. Manuel A. Melero (Spain)
10. Andrea Pagani (Italy)

Honorable Mentions

Marco Rosetti (Italy)
Matthew Quigley (Washington)
Noam Guterman (Israel)
Peter Kim (Texas)
Raul Carreira (Portugal)


Features – Foreign Horror

1. III
2. Zhigrana
3. Maskoun
4. Lapachhapi

Features - Horror

1. Entity
2. Delirium
3. The Barn
4. Moth

Features - Horror-Comedy

1. HoneyBee
2. Holy Hell
3. Easter Sunday

Features – Sci-Fi

 1. Dark Resonance

Features – Suspense-Thriller

1. Seclusion
3. A Wheel Out of Kilter

Micro Films – Experimental

 1. Measure

Micro Films – Fantasy

1. Fire Ripples
2. Little Red Riding Hood

Micro Films – Foreign

1. A Esta Invita Don Joe
2. Ma Petite Sophie

Micro Films – Horror

1. In the Ruins
2. Homebody
3. The Man Who Loved Flowers
4. Milepost 479

Micro Films – Horror Comedy

1. Dave is Possessed
2. Sunday Brunch
3. The Werewolf's Greatest Hit

Micro Films – Student

1. Broken Glass
2. Morior Invictus
3. Kill Billy: Vol. Fun

Music Videos

1. Shades of the Unseen

Short Films – Foreign Horror

1. Vardoger
2. Waiting for the Dawn
3. The Sight
4. Awakenings

Short Films – Horror

1. The Smiling Man
2. Don't Let Them In
3. Daddy's Girls
4. The Clearing

Short Films – Horror-Comedy

1. Larry Gone Demon
2. Take Out
3. Soccer Moms in Peril
4. X-Position

Short Films – Sci-Fi

1. Zero
2. Titan
3. Roadside Assistance
4. Orpheize

Short Films – Slasher

1. Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir
2. Three Wise Monkeys
3. Harvest
4. Samuel & Sarah

Short Films – Student

1. Reveler
2. Psycho Mind
3. Mind Game Demon
4. Darker

Short Films – Suspense-Thriller

1. Venefica
2. A Way Out
3. Secret Admirer
4. Passage 379

TV Pilots

1. Tales from the Toilet
2. Nanoblood
3. Swing Low
4. Tokyo Sally

Web Episodes

1. GG13: The Haunted World of CW

Honorable Mentions: Film

Awakening / Excitatio
Blood of the Tribades
The Creeps
The Crippler
The Dead Man's Number
Dead Therapy
Dead Weight
The End is Bigger Than Love
The Eve
Flag Day
Free Variable
Green Lake
Model Hunger
Once, When I Was Dead
Out There
PMS: Pre-Teen Monster Syndrome
Pyramids Hostel
Scissor Man
Seeking Valentina
Speaking in Tongues
Subject 7
Sunny Days
Tales from the Apocalypse
Teh-Li Po: An Appalachian Legend
Till Death Do Us Part
Unknown Journeys
The Urge 2 – It Lies Within


Feature Horror

1. Monsters Under the Bed, by Samuel Dabbs & Robert J. Harbour
2. None Shall Survive, by Stephen M. Hunt
3. Blood's Child, by Steven Bogart
4. Don't Breathe Past the Cemetery, by Douglas Robbins

Feature Horror-Comedy

1. Hipster Z, by E.M. Fisher & Geoffrey D. Calhoun
2. Deadtention, by Casey DeVargas
3. Too Much Horror Business, by Jason Zink & Alex Lukens
4. Turtle Gator, by Joel Byerly

Feature Sci-Fi

1. The Nightmare Halls, by Olivier Rongione
2. Hibernation, by Mike Briock
3. The Fiend, by Richard Brent Reed
4. Killer App, by Philipp Müller-Dorn & Elizabeth Spear

Feature Slasher

1. The Path, by Ryan LaPlante
2. The Face of Pain, by James David Sullivan
3. Cat's Cradle, by David DeLeon & Nate Parrack
4. Black Valley Sanitarium, by Mike Dowdrick

Feature Suspense-Thriller

1. Redcap Towing, by Ryan LaPlante
2. Cajun Justice, by Mike Briock
3. Hunger Pangs, by Nathan Ludwig
4. Twisted Sisters, by Doug Kaufman & George Grayshaw

Short Horror

1. The Cave of Screaming Children, by R. Wayne Gray
2. Moonlit Road, by Diana Lee Woody
3. The New Neighbors, by Filippo Santaniello
4. A Fangirl, by Diana Galimzyanova

Short Horror-Comedy

1. Born Again, by Jason Tostevin
2. Sam the Vamp, by Saba
3. Zombie Strain, by Doug Kaufman
4. Six Feet Under Par, by Eric Irizarry

Short Sci-Fi

1. Generation Killer, by John E. Bias
2. Dakota Caves - 2 Miles, by Robert J. Rogers
3. Walter's Days, by Nathan Ludwig & Charles Devin Hill

Short Suspense-Thriller

1. Ghouls in Focus, by DC Evans
2. Rainy Season, by Vanessa Ionta Wright
3. Hallways, by Steven Pope

TV Pilot

1. Dark Forest, by Xander Bernstein
2. Pagers, by Tracey Maye

Honorable Mentions - Script

Abigail, by Doug Kaufman
Academy of Vengeance, by Jesse Soursourian
Aka Manto: Dread Flush, by Jeff Kacmarynski
Cornerstone Woods, by Mike Dowdrick
Dead (Re)Tired, by Trace Crawford
Elderfield, by Simon Aldridge
Escape from Sean Astin VS GatorCroc, by Tim Pyle
Evolver, by Clint Mathewson
Ghosts & Robbers, by Seaton Kay-Smith
The Green Man, by Jack Halliday
Housebroken, by Kirk McClelland
The Hunger, by Philippe McKie
The Inn, by Josh Lee
It Came from the Woods, by Lukáš Rozkovec
Justice in Hell, by Alex Krivocheev
Kylie, by James "Doc" Mason
Love Potion #666, by Nathan Ludwig & Chad Farmer
Scavenger Hunt, by Matthew Lippert
Stratton, by Sean Thomas Arnold
Then There Was One, by Rod Hudgins
The White House Haunting, by David Gilbank
Writing the End, by Aisha Cerami & Massimiliano Mauceri

*Entries must receive a score of 85.00 or above to qualify for an award.*

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