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Scream Queen

2019 Winners

Scream King: Alex Gruenenfelder
Scream Queen: Kristin Mitchem

2019 Queen's Court: Debi Christo (2nd place); Li Kwei Chin (3rd place)
019 King's Court: Jimmie Lee (2nd place); Trey Nichols (3rd place); K. R. Chin (4th place)

Reigning Champions
Reigning Scream Queen (2012-2019): Kristin Mitchem
Reigning Scream King (2016-2019): Erik William

Be the next Horror Hotel
Scream Queen
and Scream King and be networked to Horror films world wide!
Competition for both Queen and King
Competition will be held on Saturday at 8PM in the lecture room!
If you have a weekend pass or day pass, there is no charge for the competition!
1st-4th place winners.

The competition will consist of contestants being asked a different question by each of our judges like:
How would you like to die in a horror movie?
and followed by your best scream.

Contestants are judged on: Personality, Presentation, and Performance!

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